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YAZOO PARK is a well-planned establishment, spanning an area of 12 acres and pampering its visitors with natural beauty and fresh air. Given that the park offers a wide range of Amusement and Adventure experiences within a clean and picturesque setting, Yazoo becomes the perfect picnic spot for school students. The various Adventure Activities that students may enjoy include our Burma Bridge, Commando Bridge, Multiple Strings, River Crossing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Longest Flying Fox, Archery and Rifle Shooting. Additionally making Yazoo an exciting and memorable picnic spot for students are our Ultra Tall Free Fall, Giant Wheel, Vertical Swing Chair, Merry-Go-Round, Rodeo Bull, Boating for kids among many more attractions.

In combination with the above, there are a few factors which make Yazoo Park an especially appealing experience for students, who are still in their formative years of life:

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Park Timing : 12pm-8.30pm | Ride Timing : 12pm-8:00pm | Waterzone Timing 10:00am-5:00pm

Yazoo Park, Global City,
Virar (W) 401 303.